Thursday, October 13, 2011

Aakash! The World's Cheapest Tablet

On Wednesday October 5th India launched the world’s cheapest tablet, the Aakash.  The government will be giving away 100,000 tablets for free to students and the first 500 given to the launch attendees.  Once it goes on sale students will receive a subsidized price of $35 and the rest of India will pay only $60.

The new device will have 2 USB ports, support video conferencing and have a three-hour battery life.  The first 500 testers had mix responses to the device; with some saying it was slow.  Most people would agree that the speed of the device will not affect their decision to purchase.  Most will be going from no technology to the Aakash so they feel it’s already an improvement.

Suneet Singh, DataWind CEO, has discussed that in future versions of the tablet they would include a mobile phone connection which will make it even more useful in rural areas.  When this is implemented people in rural India will now have access to more of the world than ever before.

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