Wednesday, December 1, 2010

World AIDS Day Info

Last year, nearly half a million babies were born with AIDS.  The goal is to eradicate that by 2015.  Today is World AIDS Day, which is more of a push for awareness than a celebration, but it’s great to celebrate awareness! In NYC today, there is an AIDS March and a 24-hour vigil.  Kudos to them for doing it in the rain.  The Matador Network has an intriguing blog up about the 5 most recent breakthroughs in AIDS research.

If you are looking to get money to the fight, many organizations are taking part in contributing to the worldwide fight to end AIDS, through Join (RED):
  • -       The GAP donates 50% of proceeds from the (RED) shirts to AIDS research. 
  • -       Starbucks is helping by donating 5 cents today from two venues: each time a person watches The Killers’ video “Boots” and each time a person purchases a hand-crafted drink.  They are encouraging people to share their experiences on Twitter by using the hashtag #share.  Do it today!  Spread awareness!
  • -       Foursquare invites you to shout #turnred and rewards you with a (RED) badge today.
  • -       Dell sells a (RED) laptop.  A portion of the proceeds from every purchase goes to the charity.
  • -       Apple has several products that contribute to World AIDS Research, including a (RED) iPod and the music app Shazam!
  • -       If you buy (RED) laces from Niketown, 100% of the proceeds go to the charity!
  • -       Click here to check out more products that help.

If you are looking to participate in an AIDS-awareness related activity today, click here for a long list.  There are many countries participating, including Armenia, Belgium, Bosnia, Cameroon, Columbia, India, France, Ghana, Italy, Kenya, Malaysia, Netherlands, Nigeria, Pakistan, South Africa, and many more!
For every "like" on this post, I am going to donate 5 cents to Join (RED). What are YOU doing to help the fight?

- @StanaCardSara